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Atlantic Debt Counsellors (Pty) Ltd is a specialist company formed with the aim to render professional Debt Counselling which assist over-indebted consumers with the Debt Review process created under the National Credit Act (NCA). The NCA has now made it possible for a Debt Counsellor to declare a consumer over-indebted and to propose a scheme to be made an Order of Court, rearranging a consumer’s financial commitments under their credit agreements. The principle purposes of debt counselling: – Single monthly instalments, and – To advise and extent professional guidance to over-indebted consumers – To create affordable solutions, and assisting clients throughout the process – To represent and act of behalf of our customer in all negotiations with credit providers with regards to outstanding credit balance & interests – To identify possible reckless lending and unlawful provisions in credit agreements – To thereafter manage and monitor the resolutions reached, in conjunction with a designated Payment Distribution Agency, and monthly progress reports after distribution, until end of process – To aim at rehabilitation into the credit market

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Cape Town 7441 WC ZA
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