Who we are CreditSmart is a financial services provider and debt counsellor, focused on assisting consumers with every aspect of credit, debt and financial management. We are a Top Rated debt counselling company with 14 years experience. Based in Pretoria, we assist consumers in every nook and cranny of the country. We have assisted clients […]


Debt Rescue was founded by Neil Roets (Attorney, Conveyancer, Notary Public, qualified England Solicitor and registered Debt Counsellor) and Christelle Erasmus (Attorney, Conveyancer and registered Debt Counsellor) with the main purpose of providing relief to the thousands of people who are struggling in the current difficult economic conditions. Our clients can always be assured of […]


You may be one of thousands of Consumers who are currently unable to fully service the arranged monthly debt payments on your credit agreements after you have catered for your basic living expenses. Apart from sleepless nights and stress – not taking early action can cause severe damage to your credit record even loss of […]


We are Registered Debt Counsellors.  RD Debt Counselling is situated in Benoni, South Africa and we are a group of registered debt counsellors in Johannesburg with the NCR (National Credit Regulator) in terms of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005. We assist our clients to reschedule and reduce their existing debt including any arrears to a […]


PAY LESS EVERY MONTH AND GET ON THE PATH TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM. If you have a regular income enabling you to make regular monthly repayments and you find yourself unable to afford to pay your monthly vehicle, house, credit card and store card repayments, rather than wait to be blacklisted, you should approach a trusted debt […]


At NDA we understand that, when it comes to putting the wellbeing of your finances into someone else’s hands, you need to know as much as possible about them so you can be absolutely certain that they are trustworthy, responsible and have your best interests at heart. Our promise to you is to go out […]


Are you over indebted ? Struggling to pay your monthly debt? We can help you


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