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Credit Balancing Services is here to help anybody who is in debt. We provide vital services for a broad spectrum of clients of all ages, including those with home loans, vehicle finance, personal loans, credit cards, overdrafts, store accounts and even arrear medical bills. We have assisted clients with widely varying incomes and from vastly differing personal circumstances. Our personalised services are structured and tailor-made for the needs of the individuals, based on their income and other financial and personal aspects. We always put our clients first and will ensure your debt problems get the solutions they need. If you are in need of a professional debt counsellor and need assistance with your debt get in touch with us today.

Debt Counselling
Legal Rescheduling
Budget Planning
Financial Wellness
It’s no surprise that financial problems are one of the greatest causes of stress in today’s society. We pride ourselves on providing relief to those who are under stress because of their debt situation.

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