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We commend hard work and cultivate an attitude of going the extra mile for our clients. Maintaining a policy of clear and open communications with our clientele and credit providers. We ensure excellent service and solutions to all over-indebted consumers and strive to reach the best possible agreement, benefiting both the creditor and the client. An experienced management team ensuring that all applications are handled effectively and efficiently. The combined legal experience between our legal professionals gives us an advantage when contesting matters in court. We go the extra mile by offering to consult customers in the comfort of their own homes. The software provided by our PDA is cutting-edge & effective in accomplishing the desired task. We provide the best services to both our clients and the creditors, from the application right down to Clearance Certificates. We take pride in our team! Each member of our team fulfils an important and unique role in the company. Team members complete the official Debt Counselling COURSE and regular in-house training sessions are held to ensure that every process is handled thoroughly and effectively. Team members complete the official Debt Counselling to ensure they’re fully qualified to handle all matters related to Debt Counselling. Our team is skilled, professional and effective in fulfilling their respective roles, delivering excellent service. Giving back to the community! We have adopted many different solutions to assist over-indebted and impoverished consumers who come to us for aid. The goal of Help-U Foundation is to alleviate the circumstances of the impoverished. Focusing on charity as well as outreaching to children’s homes

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