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Octogen assist Consumers to achieve long lasting financial freedom and prosperity. We achieve this in two focus areas. Our first aim is to assist Consumers on a proactive basis to manage and improve their Financial Wellbeing and secondly we assist Consumers who find it difficult to meet monthly debt repayments. Octogen has been a leader in Financial Wellbeing since 2000 and this has prompted Octogen to be the first Company to register Debt Counsellors with the NCR in 2007. Today Octogen has 60 qualified Debt Counsellors and a staff compliment of 220. In the Octogen Financial Wellbeing area the aim is to assist Consumers to take early action to improve their Financial Wellbeing and for this purpose Octogen has developed proactive budgeting tools which is available as a free service to Consumers. In the Octogen Debt Review area our aim is to get Consumers debt free and more Consumers have achieved this goal with Octogen than with any other company in South Africa

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Hubert Mathew Road 36
Edenvale 1609 GP ZA
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