2nd Chance Debt Counsellors

A 2nd chance to financial freedom
Contact Person: Anthony Peter Mac Minn2ndCUpington

What is the 2nd Chance difference?

Our understanding of the emotional and financial stress of our clients
Our understanding that you are our client and deserve to be heard
Our firm belief that you are entitled to excellent customer service and that we are here to assist you
Our commitment to confidentiality
Our commitment to dealing with everyone ethically and professionally
Our expert knowledge on managing your accounts and ensuring that creditors are charging the correct interest and fees to your accounts.
We are passionate about assisting people with their financial challenges as we are REAL people and easy to talk to
Most of our business comes from referrals which tells you that we are doing something right!

Insurance Provider:
Mon-Thur: 09:00-16:00 Fri: 09:00-15:00 Sat-Sun: Closed
Ribbok Street 16
Upington 8801 NC ZA
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