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Contact Person: Jason Mwazha Makawala

Jumo Debt Counselling is a wholly Black owned Debt Counselling and Personal Financial Wellness Practice that is registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR).

We offer the following professional and confidential services to all Individual and Corporate Clients:

For individuals we offer one on one assessment’s for a holistic view of your Personal Finances. Once we have ascertained your Personal Financial position we can then focus on your Monthly Budget and Debt Obligations in order to assist you in attaining Financial Freedom.
For Corporate Clients we offer Financial Wellness Workshops whereby we educate your employees on Budgeting, Good and Bad Debt and the impact of such debt, and on how to attain Personal Financial Fitness. We also make time to assist those who are encountering difficulties with their Personal Finances.
“Our value added services include the negotiation of debt repayments directly with the consumer’s Credit Providers, assistance or advice on how to deal with Garnishee Orders and Administration Orders as well as advice to consumers on Personal Finances.”

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